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(Nearly) New Year, always new work!

Starting this business was one of the biggest leaps of my life. It is both exciting and anxiety-inducing, but something I am absolutely delighted I did.

Painting for me - well, not just painting, but any kind of creativity - has always been an escape and a trusted path to better mental health. I neglected it for years thinking I wasn't particularly good at it, it was just an expensive hobby, all those little doubting voices which we all know too well basically talked me out of it. However, finally, in my thirties, with some incredible support from some wonderful people, I finally began to believe in myself and believe that I had a little talent worth sharing.

Now my little hobby has taken off and I have my own website, I am taking on commissions, and I finally have the courage to experiment with styles of painting I have always wanted to try. I have a place on NuMonday, my own Facebook page and an Instagram account (and believe me - for this luddite, that's a big deal!)

I'm going to wirte posts about my work over the next few weeks to give some insight into how I like to work and what inspires me. For now I just wanted to introduce myself a bit more, and thank you for all your support so far.

Happy New Year (nearly)!


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